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Harnessing AI and big data to provide cost effective app publishing solutions worldwide

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Deliver your app to the right user with high accuracy

Our technology integrates powerful DMP intelligence system with demographic data and intelligence service, targets and optimizes both reach and relevancy for audiences in real time.

Reach billions of high quality users worldwide

NoxMobi cooperates with high-quality media, and integrates our own channels. With powerful accurate match solutions, NoxMobi makes it easier for you to lead the competitioin.

Benchmark conversion rates bring satisfactory ROI

NoxMobi supports CPI and CPA-based campaigns. We provide 24/7 monitoring and optimizing of data in real time to maximize the value of advertising.

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We integrate millions of superior media channels. We provide competitive CPM and 100% fill rate to maximize the monetization potential of your traffic.


We help set your budget, target your relevant audiences, ensure advertising dollars are well-spent, and extend your brand’s footprint in the global market.